Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 Smiles - Handmade Jewelry from Around the World

Today I'm sharing with you some of my latest discoveries in handmade jewelry from around the world that made me smile!

Unique Organic Black Pendant with Chain - Giardinoblu - Milan

Red Silk Twists - af jewellery - Athens

Marine Texture Silver Ring - Emilie Bliguet - Barcelona

Geometric Silver Hoop Earrings - Splurge - Calgary

Scarlet Red Resin and Silver Drop Earrings - Quercus Silver - Bath

Elderflower Neon Gray Crochet Necklace - PomPom Design - Budapest

Lush Green Grass Round Silver Ring - Seahag and Walrus - Portland

Black Crochet Okapi Necklace - Okapiknits - Paris

Dangling Silk Earrings in Turquoise - Vadjutka - Budapest

Uh Oh Necklace - Foundling - Asheville

More on my Pinterest board here.


This week has been busy, busy, busy with my Creative Courage e-course beginning, but wonderful too! We have another very international group of lovely, kind women with many new and many familiar faces, and it's such a treat to begin another session together. 

I will be closing registration once and for all on Friday, so if you are interested in joining us at Creative Courage, I hope you will grab the opportunity to sign up here.

I wish you a happy Thursday with lots of creativity and inspiration!


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